Free Gift Planning Workshop

Each Friday morning through the end of the year, Clark Allison will present a free workshop on year end gifting strategies in our Folsom office.  He will discuss:

  • Why this year is the best year in history to make gifts
  • The relationship between the gift tax and estate tax
  • Why you should always use trusts to make gifts to protect gifts from divorce and lawsuits
  • How to use Lifetime Exemption Trusts to permanently avoid estate tax while maintaining use of the gifted assets
  • ILITs, QPRTs, GRATs and Sales to Defective Grantor Trusts
  • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
  • Benefits of prepaying life insurance premiums
  • Clawback or recapture of the gift tax – why it won’t happen

Join us for this free workshop. Seating is limited so please register early.

Click here to register.